ScrapeMate is a powerful and intuitive web scraper that lets you capture web data

The Web’s data at your finger tips

ScrapeMate’s intelligent web parser lets you target most websites' data using your Windows PC
Sample ScrapeMap with 6 DataAddresses

Graphic illustrating Excel, CSV, and SQLServer export formats

The data you need in the format you want

After specifying the data you wish to scrape ScrapeMate lets you output it to Excel, CSV or SQL

Get your data quickly and easily

ScrapeMate's ScrapeMap Wizard makes creating a ScrapeMap to target the data that you wish to capture simple and intuitive
ScrapeMap Wizard Dialog and Pane

Webpage example with Next page selected

Let ScrapeMate do the hard work for you

Cycle through list results or browse to links to collect more data

Set it and forget it

Manually scrape web data or schedule recurring web scrape runs using a ScrapeMap Task
The Task Tab of the ScrapeMap Properties Dialog

Log Tab of the ScrapeMap Properties Dialog

ScrapeMate’s logging functionality

Monitor of the health and performance of your web scrape run using the ScrapeMap's Log

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